TRA Construction update 18 July 2022

The construction activities of the TRA facility (Temporary Relocation Area) is progressing well.  The civil contractor (Entsha Henra) is finishing up with the civil works (road construction and connection of ablution blocks), while the top structure contractor (Asla Construction) is continuing with the erection of the housing units and storage units. The electrification of the TRA facility has also commenced and is progressing well.

The TRA will consist of 250 housing units together with ablution facilities and storage and will temporarily accommodate the households that will be relocated from the informal settlement areas to make way for the construction of formalised enhanced serviced sites where the households will then again be settled on. The storage units are intended to be used by the beneficiaries to store building materials of their informal structure that will be dismantled and re-erected on a serviced site.

See the photos below for the latest status of the construction activities.

Construction of foundations for the housing units
More foundations for housing units
Completed Meeting Hall
Meeting Hall
Electrification underway
Electrification underway
Ablution facility
Ablution facility
Ablution facility
Ablution facility
Completed TRA units being electrified
Ready Board being installed in completed TRA unit
Completed storage units
Completed storage unit
Completed TRA units being electrified

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