Temporary Relocation Accommodation (TRA)

The TRA facility will be used for the duration of the UISP Intervention and is an essential component of the overall project that allows households to be moved away from where they are currently living to allow those areas to be serviced.

An integral and indispensable component of the temporary relocation and accommodation strategy for the beneficiary households that will benefit from the Mossel Bay UISP, is the development and operation of an appropriate Temporary Relocation Accommodation Facility (TRA).

Since most of the beneficiary households will eventually have to be permanently relocated to their allocated Enhanced Serviced Site (ESS), it is unavoidable that most beneficiaries will have to be temporary accommodated in the TRA Facility.

According to the provisional implementation and relocation strategies for this project Mossel Bay Municipality is planning to establish a TRA facility for the Kwanonqaba portion of the UISP, that will be used for the duration of the implementation of the project. The size of the planned TRA is determined by the scale of the UISP as well as the logistical demands of construction contracts being executed in tandem or in parallel.

The TRA units to be provided must provide both accommodation and separate limited storage space since the informal structures of the beneficiary households will be dismantled and the salvaged materials and household affects will be relocated to the allocated TRA Units.

  • Type of planned Structures: modular low maintenance for multiple usages till end of UISP project
  • Units planned to provide accommodation and additional storages space

Examples of TRA units (Please note that these are only for illustrative purposes and the final products may differ from the ones displayed here):