Project Overview

20200708_142344Mossel Bay Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme (UISP)

The Mossel Bay UISP Project was initiated to embark on the incremental in-situ formalised upgrading of all informal settlements in municipal area of Mossel Bay, for all eligible resident households living in the 28+ informal settlements (’Brownfields’) within the municipality of Mossel Bay through the incremental/phased upgrading/formalisation of the living conditions of all resident households in the informal settlements in accordance with the Mossel Bay Informal Settlement Upgrading Strategy developed for the Municipality.  The Kwanonqaba area contains the majority of the informal settlements, with others located in Brandwacht, Great Brak River and Ruiterbos.

The project timeline is displayed below:

timeline pic updated 2022

The incremental upgrading intervention is being planned and implemented in terms of the UISP Policy Guidelines as one integrated multi-phased upgrading intervention programme and not as a mere collection of separate/fragmented smaller projects.

UISP Stages 1-3: Deliverables = Enhanced Serviced Sites & Secure Tenure

  • A total of 1605 informal structures were initially enumerated across all 21 informal settlements during the NUSP preplanning categorisation stage
  • The projection of prospective beneficiary households based on a Sample Survey done during the NUSP Planning Support Stage was approximately 3600 households as defined in terms of the UISP Policy prescripts.
  • Subsequently the total number of informal structures and resident households (in terms of UISP Stage 1-3 beneficiation criteria) have been determined through a detailed Geo-Tagging Household Survey and verification process, as part of the UISP Pre-planning & Feasibility assessment process:
    • Informal Structures: 3530
    • Resident Households verified: 3758
    • As per agreement with WCDoHS planning is focussed on making adequate provision for a possible in-migration of 15% additional households
    • The project was registered for 4203 households

Since the inception of programme in 2017 the number of informal settlements have increased to 28+ with currently estimated/projected 6100 resident households and there are continued attempts of further influxes and unlawful occupation of existing settlements and/or trying to establish new ones.

In an effort to pragmatically mitigate and find sustainable solutions going forward, the MBM Council on 19 May 2020 resolved that six (6) additional land parcels be added to those already committed and that all the land parcels must be utilised by means of sensible and optimum densification, in order to yield significantly more residential erven to provide all the registered households with an enhanced service site.

The implementation viability is to a large extent also informed by environmental suitability and obtaining Environmental Authorisations for the various ‘brownfield’ land parcels identified for in-situ upgrading and formalisation coupled with cost-effective access to bulk services infrastructure and capacity.

The incremental settlement approach involves providing basic services such as communal toilets and water and then in a step-by-step manner over time incrementally upgrade these services until everyone has water and toilets in their house. This is regarded as a phased in-situ upgrading approach. Only where such upgrading is not feasible (for example, because a settlement is located on land prone to flooding or subsidence) would residents instead be relocated. The upgrading process starts with an assessment of community needs and then move on to the provision of basic services and secure tenure for all residents, so opening the way for housing development.

The number of ‘Most Deserving’ households’ eligible for a housing subsidy must still be determined via a Beneficiary Administration process. All qualifying beneficiaries will be granted transfer of the allocated Enhanced Serviced Sites.

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