Development Areas

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There are 28+ informal settlement areas that are part of the overall UISP project.  The Kwanonqaba area contains the majority of the informal settlements, with others located in Brandwacht, Great Brak River and Ruiterbos:

The drawings below can be downloaded from the Downloads & Links page.

informal settlements updated july2020

informal settlements BRG updated july2020Conceptual Layout Plans have been formulated for the various development areas based on the results of the environmental studies, engineering designs and site characteristics. Detailed town planning layout plans and engineering designs are being completed for each of the development areas.  The drawing below shows the planned development areas in Kwanonqaba:

dev areas

The development areas planned around Great Brak:

Grootbrak development areas_rev

The conceptual layout plan for Ruiterbos:


The conceptual layout plan for Brandwacht: