Mossel Bay UISP – Informal Settlement Forum Meeting 5 April 2022

An Informal Settlement Forum Meeting was held on 5 April 2022. All the BLCs of the informal settlement areas in KwanonQaba were invited.  The meeting was well represented by the members of most of the areas as well as Ward Councillors, Municipal Officials, the Implementing Agent (Zutari) as well as the contractor for phase 1 (Entsha Henra).

The main purpose of the meeting was to provide the Forum with feedback regarding the latest status of the project and to introduce the contractor to the community.

Mr Solly Mavi (Senior Housing Officer (Stakeholder Liaison & Communication)) chaired the meeting and welcomed all to the meeting.

Councillor Sibabalo Mvakwendlu also welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed his joy that construction is about to start and that it will make a marked improvement in the living conditions of the informal settlement residents.

The contractor (Entsha Henra) was introduced to the community, and it was explained that a site camp will be established near the Transand Camp settlement from where all construction activities will be coordinated. The contractor explained that the site camp will be established on Wednesday 6 April 2022 and it is planned to start with construction at the TRA facility within the next three (3) weeks.

There was a discussion regarding the appointment of CLOs for each area as well as the appointment of general workers that will take part in the construction activities.  The Mossel Bay UISP project will provide many employment opportunities to the people of Mossel Bay for many years to come.

In the remainder of the meeting a questions and answers session was held where questions and concerns were raised by the BLCs and some follow up actions and a way forward were suggested.

Stakeholder engagement, communication and public participation is key to the successful implementation of the UISP.  Ongoing meetings and workshops are planned to secure full participation of the BLCs who represent the beneficiaries of the UISP.

The meeting ended on a very positive note and one could sense the excitement in the air.  Everyone is happy that the implementation of the project is finally underway.

Please visit this site for further updates regarding progress made on the construction.

Mr Rudolf Schröder (Zutari) introducing the contractor (Entsha Henra) to the community and explaining how the construction of the phase 1 areas will work
Mr Lucky Nonyathi (Mossel Bay Municipality) explaining how CLOs and labourers will be appointed
Mossel Bay UISP – Informal Settlement Forum Meeting 5 April 2022
Mossel Bay UISP – Informal Settlement Forum Meeting 5 April 2022
Introduction of Entsha Henra (contractor for phase 1) to the community.  From left to right: Mr Mbuzo Mbothwe (Fah) – Zutari Community Stakeholder Engagement Unit; Mr Lucky Nonyathi (Mossel Bay Municipality); Councillor Zwai Mkhonto (Ward Councillor Ward 2); Mr Wanda Sitshoto – (Mossel Bay Municipality); Councillor Sibabalo Mvakwendlu (Ward Councillor Ward 1); Jaco Cronje (Entsha Henra); Martin Oosthuizen (Entsha Henra); Anne Timms (Zutari – Senior Community Engagement Specialist); Rudolf Schröder (Zutari – Project Manager); Mr Solomzi Mavi (Mossel Bay Municipality)

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