Asla Park E Meeting with Community and BLC Volunteer Members

“I would like to say that our meeting went very well, thank you” was the feedback from one of the BLC volunteer members at the meeting with the beneficiary community of Asla E on the 17th of September 2020 at the Ilithalethu Day Care Centre.  Lucky-Boy Nonyati from the Mossel Bay Municipality opened the meeting and set the tone for a successful engagement. The focus of the meeting was to reconstitute the BLC volunteer members and to make it clear to the community members what their role in the process of the Upgrading of Informal Settlement Programme (UISP) is and discuss the importance of their engagement in the upcoming workshops. The meeting was partly facilitated by the Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, Anne Timms, supported by her colleagues Lynette Herbst from Pretoria and Ian Booi from the George office. An overview of current status of the programme were given by Zutari’s Implementation Agent, the Project Manager, Rudolf Schröder.  

One thought on “Asla Park E Meeting with Community and BLC Volunteer Members

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