UISP Transand Community & BLC Meeting

We had a very productive meeting and were able to discuss the great progress we have made in the last few weeks regarding the UISP and the Temporary Relocation Accommodation (TRA) facility establishment.  We have elected two more BLC volunteer members for Transand, which brings the total Transand BLC representation to seven.  The addition of these members will extend our reach for the Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) in Transand, thus strengthening the volunteer status within the BLC and will lay the foundation for good communication with the beneficiary households.  The volunteers were nominated and elected by the beneficiary household representatives to serve them with information and knowledge in the UISP.  The Communication and Stakeholder Engagement department of Zutari, represented by Anne Timms and supported by Lynette Herbst and Ian Booi, will have ongoing step-by-step workshops with the BLC volunteer members of Phase 1.  The Mossel Bay Municipality, represented by Cllr Peter Lichaba, Lucky-Boy Nonyati and the Project Manager of Zutari, Rudolf Schröder encouraged the community to work together as one team, towards the smooth implementation of the programme. The Mossel Bay Municipality, as the Developer and Zutari, the Implementing Agent, also discussed and confirmed their continuing commitment to the community to ensure full public participation throughout the project through the structures of the Beneficiary Liaison Committee and the volunteer members as elected at this important meeting.

Rudolf Schröder explaining one of the processes.

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