Asla Park C Election of BLC Volunteer Members

We had a fruitful meeting with the beneficiary community of Asla C on Tuesday the 29th of September at the Asla C Community Hall.  The Municipality was represented by Solomzi Mavi, Senior Housing Officer (Stakeholder Liaison & Communication) and Lucky Nonyati (Liaison Officer for Human Settlements).  The Implementing Agent, Zutari’s representatives facilitated the workshop and was represented by Rudolf Schröder (Project Manager), Anne Timms (Snr Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist), Lynette Herbst (Snr Consultant) and Ian Booi (Civil Technician). 

Asla C had one active BLC volunteer member.  The community nominated and voted in three additional BLC volunteer members.  The addition of these members ensures full participation of the BLC’s at the upcoming workshops and the monthly Informal Settlement Forum and will be responsible to give feedback to the beneficiary community of Asla C.

The BLC’s will attend ongoing workshops that will prepare them and the rest of the community for the implementation of the Upgrading of the Informal Settlement Programme.  The methodologies that we are using for engagements with the communities in Kwanonqaba include Asset-Based Citizen / Community-led and public participation approaches.

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