Distribution of Cleaning Materials to Informal Settlement Areas

The Mossel Bay Municipality has procured material to be used to clean the toilets in the Informal Settlement Areas.   Cleaning materials are distributed to leaders in each of the settlements, with the help of the NGO (Development Action Group), as well as the Implementing Agent for the UISP Project (Aurecon).  No CWP workers are used at this stage, as they are not yet allowed to work according to the national lockdown procedures.  There are measures that must be in place before anyone returns to work as communicated by the President.

The leaders in each area will help to distribute the cleaning materials to the families assigned to each toilet.  The families will then take responsibility for the cleaning of the toilet facilities assigned to them.

This Municipal contribution for the provision of goods and material to assist community members in the informal areas will make a huge difference in the effort to promote the hygienic conditions of those communities.

See the below photos of the materials that are being distributed:

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