Community Work Programme providing jobs

In parallel to and integrated with the UISP implementation the WCDoHS has, through its Informal Settlement Support Programme, assigned various NGO’s to municipalities to further assist/enhance the UISP intervention programmes.

As part of this initiative, DAG (Development Action Group) has been assigned to Mossel Bay. Part of what this NGO is facilitating and endeavouring to establish is an effective and sustainable community-based Janitorial Programme.

The janitorial programme is a long-term initiative and is an excellent endeavour that is creating community ownership of the facilities, jobs creation and will benefit all members living in informal settlements that are using the IBS facilities.

As part of this Janitorial Programme, a number of people from affected informal settlements have been registered on the Community Work Programme (CWP).  They received training and supplies (overalls and cleaning equipment/supplies) from CWP and will earn a salary working as cleaners on the shared basic services that have been installed in the informal settlements in Mossel Bay through the IBS programme.

CWP Mosselbay has distributed PPE as outlined below, to all Participants that will be keeping community toilets clean in different areas as indicated and catered for: Overalls; Safety Boots; Gumboots; Gloves; Aprons; Hats; T-Shirts; Rain Suits

CWP Mosselbay has also distributed the following Tools and Materials to the different Team Leaders:

Soap and Disinfectant 25l; Brooms; Mop Buckets; Rakes; Bin Bags

Within the context of the current CODIV-19 challenges in these communities the need for appropriate janitorial services are more of vital importance and is now also being aligned to the Mossel Bay Municipality Codiv-19 UISP response plan.

The supplies received from CWP is and will however not be enough and to ensure continuation and sustainability other partnering funding sources will have to be found to assist with the following additional supplies, for the immediate needs and on a longer basis:

  1. Disinfectant
  2. Masks – Corona Virus Awareness and Prevention Measures
  3. Toilet Brushes with bowls
  4. Latex Gloves – Corona Virus Awareness and Prevention Measures

The photos attached are of some of the members that have been enrolled in the CWP who have received overalls and cleaning equipment.

We would like to thank CWP for their role in this initiative!

It will be appreciated if anyone that is willing and able to consider also contributing and becoming a partner to this worthy cause.  Please contact the following persons for further information or for details on how to get involved or contribute:

  • Solomzi Mavi – Senior Housing Officer (Stakeholder Liaison & Communication) at 073 360 1042 or
  • Brian Adams of DAG at 061 440 1764 or
  • Tommy Nel – CWP Mosselbay at 071 7525512 /

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