Update – Interim Shared Basic Services – Final handovers

The construction of the interim shared basic services is the first step in the incremental upgrading process of the UISP and reached a major milestone in the last week.

The final handovers of infrastructure (toilets and taps) were completed in the following areas:

  • Asla Park A, B C & D
  • Sewendelaan
  • Emfuleni
  • Transand Camp
  • PA Camp
  • Gentswana A, B & C

The final hand overs were attended by officials of the Municipality, BLC representatives as well as the engineers and the contractor, and were preceded by pre-inspections in each area where faults were identified and then repaired prior to the final hand overs. The toilets were again inspected to make sure that the BLC representative(s) were happy with the current state and to verify if rectification of the previous issues mentioned were fixed. Toilets and taps were then signed off by MBM/ HENRA/ Aurecon and the BLC representatives in order for the community to take ownership thereof.

A Janitorial Capacity Building Programme is also underway that is being facilitated by DAG and that will be registered under the Community Development Workers Programme and is aimed at training people that will look at the cleaning and maintenance of the toilet facilities that are being installed as part of the overall Mossel Bay UISP Project.

The current stage of interim shared basic services will see approximately 262 new toilets being installed across the informal settlements, 337 toilets that will be refurbished, 116 new water points (wash troughs and standpipes) and 21 water points that will be refurbished by the time the construction contract ends by April 2020.  This will bring the ratio of toilets to one toilet per 8 families and one water point to 26 families, to bring the supplied number of infrastructure closer to the national standards for such shared services which is 1 toilet per 5 families and 1 water point per 20 families.

A further stage is being planned and funding for the installation of additional interim shared basic services in those areas where there is still a shortfall is being applied for.

This intervention is making a huge difference in improving the quality of life of these communities.

These photos were taken across the areas in Kwanonqaba where the final handovers took place:

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