Janitorial Capacity Building Programme

The Janitorial Capacity Building Programme is an initiative that will be registered under the Community Development Workers Programme and is aimed at training people that will look at the cleaning and maintenance of the toilet facilities that are being installed as part of the overall Mossel Bay UISP Project. The process is underway to register community residents on the Community Development Workers (CPW) Programme database.

Currently, a cleaning program has been agreed upon with the residents at Riemvasmaak which sees families taking turns to clean the toilets until the CWP program commences. The initiative kicked off with engagements with members of the Brandwacht community on Friday 26 July 2019. Similar engagements will take place across all the informal settlements that form part of the Mossel Bay UISP Project.

The initiative is being facilitated by DAG (Development Action Group) which is the NGO appointed by the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements (WCDoHS).

DAG works in parallel to the contractor that is appointed to install the infrastructure as part of the provision of interim basic services (IBS).

For more information on DAG, visit their website: https://www.dag.org.za/

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