Emfuleni BLC community meeting 24 June 2021

A meeting was held with the Emfuleni BLCs on 24 June 2021 in the  KwaNonqaba Community Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide feedback to the Emfuleni community regarding the recent household survey that was conducted in Growing Hope as well as to discuss the verification of the Emfuleni informal settlement.

The Zutari team that conducted the household surveys explained that BLCs were elected for the Growing Hope informal settlement and explained how the survey process was conducted and what the outcome of the survey was.

Growing Hope BLCs elected:

Growing Hope Survey Process:

  • BLC’s training
  • BLC Enumerators, supported by Zutari Team, surveying the households
  • Surveyed from 28TH May and was completed on 7th of July 2021
  • 560 Households were surveyed
  • Each household surveyed has a geotag and gps coordinate

Outcome of survey:

  • 103 Foreign National Households were captured
  • 457 Beneficiary Households were captured
  • Several Fast Food, Spaza shops and other livelihood activities were captured
  • There are high poverty in some of the households
  • Some occupants bought land
  • Some occupants bought structures
  • Some occupants are renting structures
  • 4 Churches were captured

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