Community Engagement – Executive Task Team Workshop

The focus of the meeting was on the sizes of the serviced sites to be allocated to the beneficiaries of the Mossel Bay UISP. The workshop was held on the 17th of July at Zutari’s office in George.

Dialog between Zutari and the Informal Settlement Forum Executive Task Team (ISFETT) members

The maps of the phase 1 areas, namely Emfuleni, Asla Park C, Asla Park E and Transand Camp, were presented to the ISFETT for discussion about the erf sizes. It was shown that the majority of the erven in the Emfuleni layout are larger than 70m². Zero erven in Emfuleni are at 48m². The layouts of Asla E, Asla Park C and Transand Camp have some smaller erven. It was explained that the same densification strategy and principles are followed for all the other areas in KwanonQaba to be developed as part of the Mossel Bay UISP.

A request of the ISFETT after the engagement was that the Municipality and Zutari set up a meeting with the Emfuleni Community to present the erf sizes to the broader Emfuleni community.

Meetings will be conducted with the BLC’s of Asla Park E, Asla Park C and Transand Camp to also present the detailed layouts with erf sizes to these communities, as soon as the Covid-19 Level 4 restrictions are lifted.

The team would like to visit New Rest to inspect completed enhanced serviced sites – this will assist them with a visual picture of what they can expect on their sites, once completed.

For more information on the erf sizes and densification strategy followed on the Mossel Bay UISP, visit the “Downloads and Links” page of this website and download the z-folder pamphlet that is a guide to the erf sizes of the UISP layouts in KwanonQaba. The folder can be downloaded via this link:

Kwanonqaba – Guide to densification and erf sizes

Maps of erf sizes

The PDF layout maps of each of the phase 1 areas can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Emfuleni’s layout with erf sizes.

Asla Park C’s layout with erf sizes.

Asla Park E’s layout with erf sizes.

Transand Camp layout with erf sizes.

Extension of Emfuleni

Rudolf Schröder presented the timeline of the incremental growth of Emfuleni. The ISFETT discussed the issue in great lengths and the outcome was that Growing Hope’s BLC’s should be part of finding a solution.

It was agreed that the ISFETT will give feedback regarding the Municipality and Zutari’s request to proceed with the Verification of Emfuleni on/before the 26th of July 2021. The verification will inform the relocation strategy of Phase 1 of the UISP.

Presentation : Growth of Emfuleni

The PDF presentation with maps and illustrations of the growth and expansion of the Emfuleni and Growing Hope informal settlements can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Presentation that showcase the growth of the Emfuleni from 2017 to 2021.

Other topics

Other topics that were discussed include the household verification, the relocation strategy and the beneficiary administration process. More workshops are planned in future to engage the community further. Successful community engagement is key to the success of the UISP. The Municipality and Zutari are committed to a citizen-led approach to development.

Quote of the day

Community has the power to change everything. No amount of innovation, individual brilliance, or money can transform society as effectively and sustainably as building community and working together… side by side.

With acknowledgment to the original artist, Ashley Vinil.

Upcoming Workshops

We are currently operating under Covid-19 Level 4 restrictions. Further workshops or community meetings with larger groups of community members can only take place once Level 4 are lifted.

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