Winning the SAICE National Award for the Mossel Bay UISP Project

Congratulations are streaming in from all over the country to congratulate Rudolf Schröder (Pr.Pln,M.PMSA,MTRP), the Integrated Human Settlement Development Consultant at Zutari and his team on winning the award for the best Community-based project at the SAICE National Award on Thursday evening, the 12th of November 2020, for Mossel Bay Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme – Emergency Shared Basic Services Project.

The win validate our hard work, recognises our expertise and our commitment to the clients and the Mossel Bay communities that we serve. We were up against some pretty amazing competition, so we are really proud of what we achieved. It’s also testament to our resilience  – despite the interruptions from COVID-19 this year, we managed to stay on course and came out as winners.  

Celebrating with us, here are some of the messages that we have received:

“Let me thank you for the hard work and commitment you have put into this project.   You are always willing to walk the extra mile to accommodate so many role players and activities.   Thank you for it! We are at the starting point of further implementation so a lot of work and effort must still go into this project.  However, I am convinced that with Zutari managing the project and further commitment from the Municipality and DoHS this project will be a success and many residents will benefit.” ~ Carel Venter, Director: Planning & Economic Development, Mossel Bay Municipality.

 “Last night at the SAICE National Award the Mossel Bay Upgrading of Informal Settlements won the award for the best Community based project. Congratulations to Rudolf and the team for an extraordinary achievement, well deserved.” ~ Andre Keyser (PrTech Eng, BTech Civil), Office Manager, Zutari.

“And so the legacy of commitment towards ‘doing the right things right all the time’ lives on…. Congratulation team – in this context the Mossel Bay Municipality and its applicable officials can with pride share this accolade!!!!”  ~ Francois Theron (GOR), PrCPM, BA), Integrated Human Settlement Development Consultant, Zutari.

“Well done to the George team!!” ~ Peter Graham (PrTech, Eng), Head of RSA Offices, Zutari

Please join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement and congratulations to the Zutari team involved.

We want to thank the funders, the Provincial Department of Human Settlements, and our client, the Mossel Bay Municipality, for your support and enormous contribution toward the success of the programme!

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