Participatory Workshop 2: Evaluation and Improvement of the MoU between the Mossel Bay Municipality and the BLC’s.

The second Workshop with the BLC’s of Phase 1 was conducted by Anne Timms and Rudolf Schröder from Zutari, at the Asla Park Community Hall on the 9th of October 2020. Ian Booi from Zutari and Brian Adams from DAG supported the workshops with excellent guidance at the various group activities. The workshop was conducted with the acknowledgment and support of the Mossel Bay Municipality’s Human Settlement Department.

The workshop is one of a series of workshops that will be held with the leaders of the beneficiary communities to prepare them for implementation of the UISP. The topic of the day was entitled “Evaluation and Improvement of the MoU between the Mossel Bay Municipality and the BLC’s.” The workshops aim to encourage BLC’s to take part in step-by-step planning and participating process and to provide space for open and transparent discussions in the lead up to the implementation.

The day kick-off with a fun activity that energised the people. First on the agenda of the day was the second revision of the MoU, as well as getting the BLC’s and Councillors of Asla Park C and E on board. Rudolf Schröder facilitated the session with these attendees. Ian Booi worked with the Transand group and Brian Adams assisted with the Emfuleni group. Anne Timms facilitated the overall session. The workshops are a learning journey for all parties concerned. We, the facilitators learn as much as the people participating. A few good suggestions and amendments were made by the BLC’s and will be incorporated into the document.  

The MoU session was followed by the development of a Logo for the BLC’s of Phase 1 to incorporate into the Badges that they will wear to identify themselves in the communities and at stakeholder meetings.  

Please watch the videos below to be inspired by the way that the community leaders see their future with regards to the UISP and their explanation of the logos that the groups designed.  

The day ended with a certificate hand-over. The certificates acknowledge the learning experience and award the volunteering BLC’s for their dedication and time. 

The four-hour workshop was attended by 15 BLC volunteers and two councilors from Asla Park C and E, Emfuleni, and Transand.

The next workshop will be held at Kwanonqaba Community Hall on the 17th of October 2020.

Please note that the rest of Mossel Bay BLC’s will be updated about the current process at the IS Forum meeting on the 21st of October.

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