Tenders closed for the appointment of a Contractor

Framework Tender for Civil Engineering Contractors in the Mossel Bay Municipal Area on various Construction Works in various Human Settlement and other Infrastructural Development Programmes/Projects

The above tender consists of the following 4 elements:

  1. Framework tender to appoint a panel of contractors for the Municipality on various construction works for human settlements and infrastructural development programmes / projects
  2. Interim basic services to all informal settlements in the Mossel Bay Municipal Area
  3. Enhanced Serviced Sites for Phase 1 (155 stands) of the Mossel Bay UISP Project
  4. 134 TRA units (Phase 1 of the Mossel Bay UISP TRA facility)

The tender closed on 23 November 2018 and the seven tenders that were received are currently being evaluated.  The aim is to appoint a contractor and to start with construction in early 2019!

Watch this space for further updates!

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