Town Planning Approvals for Phase 1 of the UISP

The town planning approvals for phase 1 of the UISP Project has been received!

This can enable the General Plans to be prepared and submitted to the Surveyor General for approval.

The first phase of the UISP consists of the following components:

– 88 Enhanced serviced sites in areas Asla Park C, Asla Park E and Transand camp
– 67 Enhanced serviced sites in Emfuleni Phase 1 (to be used as the first phase TRA facility) together with 134 TRA units (two units per stand).

The TRA facility will be used for the duration of the UISP project and is an essential component of the overall project that allows households to be moved away from where they are currently living to allow those areas to be serviced.

Refer to the Downloads page of this website where the approval documents can be accessed and downloaded.

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